My most favourite things at a wedding….a beautiful bride whose smile captivates and lights up the room, and a very posh car that will bring her…well, this wedding massively ticked my boxes! I,ve never seen such a happy bride, Jenna, your cheeks must have ached terribly this morning! The Rolls Royce Phantom that she arrived in was breathtakingly beautiful and was surrounded by admiring guests pretty much all day, the smell of the leather, wood and petrol were just amazing! Jenna and Kyle’s day was a very relaxed affair, such a lovely gathering of family and friends (some who wore fascinators and some who were very athletic!!), their beautiful daughter Autumn was like a little doll and so well behaved! A gorgeous day with a gorgeous couple, I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, I’m so glad you asked me to share your day with you! x