Well….they certainly did it differently!….Karen and Ian choose to tie the knot at White Dove Barn just across the border in Suffolk, a gorgeous venue and another first for us! So what was different?….they both gave in to their love of all things “The Lord of the Rings’ and themed their wedding celebrations around JRR Tolkien’s famous books! The cake, a collection of The Lord of the Rings books in cake form, was breathtakingly beautiful and attracted so much attention, we photographed it from every angle and added some smoke to create a spooky feel! And then the best bit, a whole cast of actors dressed up as characters from the books played out several scenes for the guests, enter Gandalf (asking if the food was gluten free! 🙂 ), followed by Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gangee, Legolas (with some very realistic elven ears!), Aragorn, a very romantic Gimli the dwarf (you should have seen what he did with a banana!!) plus a very scary Gollum (the make-up was incredible!) and an evil Saruman and some very comical Orcs! Later, Karen let it slip that Ian also loved Batman, so we snaffled some card, a pair of scissors and sellotape, and after a few minutes The Dark Knight (ish) rose again!! Guys, you totally rocked and it’s one I’ll remember forever!!